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Interpol, also known as the International Criminal Police Organisation, is an inter-governmental organization which reunites 195 countries. Interpol fights against 3 types of crimes : counter-terrorism, organized and emerging crime, and cybercrime. In its fight against cybercrime, Interpol aims to make cyberspace safe for everyone. 


The arrest of the Black Axe’s members

What’s “Black Axe” ? 

According to BBC news, Black Axe is a Nigerian “gang”, one of the most feared organizations in the country and in the world since 1977. It was founded in Benin City, capital of Edo State in Nigeria. It is also seen as a “cult” with a secret initiation ritual and the extreme loyalty of its members. 

Black Axe commits various crimes. From street crimes to murder with torture, human trafficking and money-laundering, their main source of revenue comes from “internet fraud”. Internet fraud is the use of online services in order to scam people and take money from them. 

Black Axe utilizes classic scam methods with social media, online dating sites, and emails. Black Axe is one of the organized groups that is responsible for cyber financial fraud. 

This organized crime group has 30 000 “Axemen” in 2021, from all around the world. One of its former “Axemen” was “Dr. Stone”, but he is now known to be a “vocal critic of the gang” .

The US justice department and the Canadian authorities found ties between Black Axe and a political movement, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa.  But the Movement has continuously denied this link. 


Operation Jackal 

In October 2022, Interpol, with the help of 14 countries, arrested Axemen, seized 1.2 million dollars and raided 49 properties. 

Interpol has set up 2 operational teams in South Africa and in Ireland in order to coordinate officers on the ground. Among those 14 countries, there were the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Nigeria and South Africa. The Italian State police has arrested three suspected Axemen in Campobasso and two more were arrested in South Africa for online scams. 



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