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The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a futuristic utopia, but the present we have in front of our eyes. We speak about the smart connection of the devices, after which they are connected through the internet and can exchange data. It is not just about connecting our smartphone, computer, but also about connecting coffee machines, refrigerators, lamps.

The IoT is changing our lives daily applied in many industries, such as smart cities or the healthcare industry. However, besides all the benefits, there is also a major challenge imposed by the emergence of IoT, which is ou security.

We have a paradox: on the one hand, we have a lot of objects that make our life easier, but on the other, because of them we become vulnerable. A malicious attack on the network on a single connected device could endanger both the personal data of a large number of people and the entire public security.

This does not mean that IoT is not a good solution, but that it is necessary to invest efforts and a huge amount of money to build risk-adapted security systems. What was once unimaginable, a future that we could only read in science fiction novels, is today a rapidly developing reality. This will improve the quality of our lives, but it will also change the way we work. This means that we will have to assimilate new knowledge and skills, in order to be able to meet the demands of a changing market. In this way we will develop ourselves.

Sanda Spinu
Master 2 Cyberjustice – promotion 2018-2019

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